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We are On-Water Drone Photography Specialists!
  Filming on the water requires the Highest Level Skillset.  There are many
factors at play including; weather, current, wind and vessel logistics. 
We are Experienced, and Utilize the Highest Quality Equipment!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does a flight session take?
A standard boat flight session is approximately (90) minutes on site and about (60) minutes of air time for photos and video. On water shoots may require more flight time. 
When do I get my photos and video?
Color corrected photos will be uploaded to a Drobox file, or E-mailed within 2 
business days of the flight session.  Video production of aerial footage will normally be completed within 3-5 business days from the flight session.
If there is additional ground level or
interior footage to be edited, additional time may be required.
What does FAA Certified mean?
Commercial UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) operators must possess
a FAA Part 107 Certification.  Additionally, all equipment used must
be registered with the FAA.  All flights must be conducted according to prescribed
safety rules.  Additionally, we obtain Airspace flight authorizations.
We abide by all FAA regulations and carry UAS flight insurance.

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